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History and Landscape

The countryside which gives birth to Bianco di Pitigliano is for sure one of the most suggestive in Tuscany. The medieval town of Pitigliano, perched on a tuff rocky hill, harbors many mysteries and secrets of the ancient Etruscan and Roman civilisations. The numerous caves carved into the rock bear a testimony of the natural cellars used in those ancient times by those who cultivated the vines in the area. These fascinating cellars have only recently been abandoned and replaced by more modern cellars, as a part of the enological evolution program which has culminated in the achievement of the DOC specification. This great search for quality has been enhanced by the introduction of more noble, non-indigenous varieties, actively improving the local grapes. Bianco di Pitigliano is today a wine which boasts its character even outside its immediate environment, no longer a wine for local consumption.

Area of Production

The Bianco di Pitigliano DOC is a wine produced from vineyards in the communities of Pitigliano and Sorano, plus small parts of Scansano and Manciano.

The Grapes

Trebbiano toscano (50-80%); Greco, tuscan Malvasia bianca, and Verdello singularly or blended - (up to 20%); Grechetto, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Pinot bianco, Riesling Italico (15%-30%) and other white grapes (10%). The maximum yield per hectare is 125 quintals (about 27,557.5 lbs.) Kasher wine (a special wine for the Italian and international Jewish communities) has also been produced in Pitigliano for about 20 years.

Organoleptic Characteristics

The colour is straw yellow with green reflexes; the bouquet is delicate; the flavour is dry, vivacious neutral and the finish is slightly bitter; it has medium body and is soft. The minimum alcohol is 11° for the regular; 12° for the "superior". Sparkling wine with minimum 11.5° alcohol has recently been included in this DOC produce.

Food Matches

A fresh and lively wine, it is a natural match with hors d'oeuvres, soups, frogs and escargots without sauce, white fish, vegetables, light soft cheeses and above all with traditional local dishes.

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