Skechers Mens Shoes Styles

Since its founding in 1992, the Skechers mens shoes brand has diversified from the original collection of utility boots and skate shoes. The brand carries a full line of women’s shoes that includes sport and casual wear. Among the collection is YOU, which incorporates a variety of styles.

YOUInspire: Why is the most popular Skechers Mens Shoes

YOU Inspire, for instance, is created by Skechers memory foam shoes as walking shoe for everyday wear. Its construction consists of a knit mesh fabric upper in seven color choices. It’s a slip-on style that features a lace-up front panel for correct fit. The insole and midsoles are formed using cushioned support. The Inspire outsole prevents skidding with its multidirectional rubber backing.

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Skechers Shoes’ YOU Mantra is another slip-on with a variation in style. Its flexible knit upper construction combined with its cushioned insole and midsole creates both comfort and support. Skechers Shoes classifies the Mantra as a comfort walking and athletic shoe. It’s available in 4 colors, and with its soft heel support, may be worn for a variety of activities. The trademark Skechers Shoes’ multidirectional rubber outsole grips the surface.Y

The YOU Essence model by Skechers memory foam shoes is a high-top style of walking and all-around athletic shoe. Its slip-on styling is created with the knit mesh fabric upper that provides both support and comfort. Skechers Shoes hasn’t overlooked the comfort level on the insole and midsole sections. They’re constructed of a shock-absorbing cushion that offers a soft foundation. With Skechers Shoes’ multidirectional rubber outsole, the Essence secures you with a skid-resistant surface.

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When a sport casual look is on the agenda, Skechers Shoes’ YOU Define Excellence is one choice that fits with shorts as readily as khaki pants. It’s a slip-on style with a reinforced mesh knit fabric upper that presents as a casual flat. Available in two colors, it features the standard comfort and supportive insole and midsole design that defines Skechers Shoes. The Define Excellence provides skid resistance on the outsole with their featured multidirectional rubber construction. Find more about Skechers mens shoes at

There are seventy choices within the Skechers Shoes’ YOU line. The variety offered by the Skechers brand provides a range of fit, design, and fashion options for a wide variety of purposes and sizes. In fact, Skechers Shoes tailors their women’s shoe selections for feet ranging from a size 5 through 13.