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Sorano - the first tourists who saw this beautiful rock with its sheer cliff, decided it was a good idea to stick around for a bit.

Those tourists were the ancient Etruscans and they built the town of Sorano during the period of their greatest splendour.

The continuity from ancient past to present is literally visible and the principal activities have been maintanined to this day. All around the town, vineyards alternate with scrub, olive groves, fields of wheat and sheep farms displaying the area's strong agricultural vocation. A further confirmation of this vocation lies in the present high regard held for the excellence of the local production, especially the dairy products.

The surrounding area is dotted with medieval fortifications such as the Montorio Castle, the citadel of Castell'Ottieri and Montebuono Castle. This historical wealth is a part of the extraordinary archaeological heritage of the whole territory. The archaeological park of the "Citta del Tufo" is unique of its kind. Here you find the most interesting Etruscan sites, the church of San Sebastiano, Rocca Aldobrandesca and innumerable necropoleis carved in the rock and now immersed in nature. The most important cliff settlements in Italy can be found in the neighbourhood of the Rocca di Vitozza.

These have caves used for housing and others called "colombari" or coops, most probably intended for raising pigeons. These caves are fascinating, but almost bare compared to those discovered near Sovana. Here the caves, the vie cave, wells, tunnels and hydraulic systems are all joined within a single landscape. The necropoleis, all cut in the tufa, are wrapped in thick, protective vegetation, making them all the more fascinating and mysterious.

The most important tombs are the Tomba del Sileno, the Tomba della Sirena and the monumental Tomba lldebranda, considered the masterpiece of all sepulchre. Sorano is notable for its elegant Renaissance architecture and massive enclosing walls that made it one of the safest defensive offshoots in the county of Pitigliano. It first fell under the Aldobrandeschi family who developed its defensive fortifications by building the enclosing wall which still surrounds the town.

Later the Orsini family built the splendid fortress, considered the town's most interesting monument. In the middle of the 15th century, it became the theatre of the conflict with the Sienese Republic without ever being taken. This prompted Cosimo dei Medici's nickname for it as the "tinderbox of Italian wars". In 1608, it fell definitively under the domain of the Grand duchy of Tuscany.

Where is Sorano: is located in the south of Grooseto province, on the border with the Lazio region.

How to reach Sorano: From Grosseto, direction south, reach Albinia (35 Km) and then turn left direction Manciano (30 Km) then Pitigliano (18 Km) and after 9 Km you will reach Sorano

Nearby: Visit Pitigliano, Sovana

Distances: Grosseto 92 Km - Siena 100 Km (Via Cassia) - Florence 200 Km - Pisa 220 Km - Arezzo 150 Km

Correct name is Sorano
Common mistakes are Sorrano, Soprano, Soreno, Surano, Sovrano


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