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Magliano - The origin of Magliano in Toscana are to research in a long way past, when the Etruscan coming from Marsiliana leaved the-territories in the valley of Albenga rive for move near of modern site, founding the city of Hea or Feba.

Proof of this period are numerous tomb "a camera" that are dig directly in the rock, back to VII century.
In the town surroundings there are besides many objects, the leaf called "Piombo di Magliano" that is in the Archaeological Museum of Florence.

The excavation of some tombs are visible in the locality of Cancellone where has been find again the tomb called "Delia Chimera" that unfortunately is not visitable. There are also other tombs in the S.Maria in Borraccia's locality.

After the Etruscans was the Romans to colonize this zone, calling Heba the new development areas; in spite of the strategic position, the city was not fortified and in the barbarian invasion's age it was completely destroyed.

In the Middle Ages was built a little built up area of houses in the today's town's area. The Aldobrandeschi family was built around the year one thousand a Fortress of defence and take the control of it. In XIV century the Aldobrandeschi had ceded slowly at the Siena's Republic the town's control until the final departure is back to XVI century.

During this mixed period was erected the new wall and the cylindrical towers, for protect the city in replacement of the Fortress.
In the south of the town was preserved the fortification's part that was built in XIII century, that make up by four towers with the typical battlements of the early Middle Ages.
At the end of the XVI century Magliano became a Medici family's fief, that take the control of it with the vassals. With the disappearance of the Medici from the Italian - Tuscan political outline in XVIII century, was the Lorena family to reign in the city, working numerous drainages on the marshland below, favouring the agricultural development contributing to move away the malaria from the zone.

Where is Magliano: is located in the south of Grosseto province

How to reach Magliano: From Grosseto, direction south Rome on the SS2, exit after 35 Km Albinia, then follow indication for Magliano which is 14 Km far.

Nearby: Visit Pereta, Scansano, Capalbio, Porto Santo Stefano

Distances: Grosseto 40 Km - Siena 100 Km - Livorno 160 Km - Pisa 180 Km

Correct name is Magliano in Toscana
Common mistakes are Maglino, Maliano, Malliano, Mogliano


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